We guarantee that our data-collection methods and investigation channels are legal in accordance with the jurisdiction system. Most importantly, we pursue economical strategies to provide our clients with qualified and professional services. During the years, the services of Black & White Investigation has extended to different industries below:

• Individual • Insurance
• Enterprises • Merge and Acquisitions
Credit Database • China & Overseas
In order to enhance your competitiveness in the market, it is of prior importance for your esteemed company to establish partnership with a reliable search agent.
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Date Location News Description
2007-09-20 HK Our online chat room is available now, it provides you one more option to talk with our supervisor immediately when you have doubt. Please visit here to chat with us now.

2007-09-10 PRC Black & White officially provides services like Asset Tracing, Background Check and Locate Missing Person in PRC. For details please click here.

2007-08-09 HK & PRC Our China Litigation Database over 1.4 million.