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Asset Tracing - Our Ultimate Service
Whether it is a judgement, unpaid bills or loans, child support and they say they don't have the money, you need an independent source to find the truth. Let B&W help you find all types of assets:

  • Cars
  • Real Estate
  • Companies
  • Employersv
  • Branches & Subsidiaries
  • Warehouse
Asset investigations are an useful tool for a number of situations, this includes divorce, potential legal cases, ongoing law suits, pre-employment, pre-nuptial, pre business partnership, due diligence, small claims suits, judgment collection, punitive damages award research, background investigations, estate and probate matters, bankruptcy, etc. B&W offers several levels of asset investigations, including locating hidden assets.

From deciding whether to pursue a case to collecting a final judgment, Asset Investigations are a good investment. They can save you and your client time and money. Using a professional investigator, B&W, to conduct your asset investigation will produce the desired effect on the subject?

You can run, but you can't hide (those assets).

Surveillance is crucial business fraud investigations and in confirming testimony in civil litigation. Surveillance is also a key component in domestic and divorce situations to find out if a spouse, husband or wife, fiancée, etc. is engaged in cheating or infidelity.

TopInsurance Investigation
B & W concentrates on the personal injury area of insurance defense, principally Worker's compensation and Liability cases. As independent, third- party observers. We are in the best position to ascertain whether an injured subject's allegations of injuries are valid or not. Only when the injured subject is observed undetected in his own environment does the truth concerning injuries, disabilities, and life style alterations truly come to light.

TopBackground Check
Background investigations uncover information about a person's character and past. They are useful in pre-employment research, nanny checks and choosing a reliable business partner. Other types of background investigations include pre-marital, dating, civil litigation, divorce cases and due diligence business situations.

TopLocate Missing Person
There are several reasons you may need to find a missing person, they may be long lost friends, lost heirs, relatives you have lost contact with, teenage run-aways, etc. In legal cases, you may need to locate a client, witness or defendant for service of process or for a declaration.

TopProperty & Civil Litigation
Property Search By Person/Company
Sometimes it is not worth conducting a full asset tracing search as the claim amount is quite small. Our Property Search can help to certain extent and it is probably the most convenient & economical way to find out where the subject owns.

Civil Litigation Search By Person/Company
Often, clients come to us for investigation after they are defrauded. When we conduct our investigation, it becomes obvious that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!" Do not become a victim of costly fraud because you did not have the time to have someone checked out, thought it was in bad taste, or just wanted to save a few dollars. Let us conduct a Civil Litigation Search before you are cheated. Know with whom you are doing business and whether the subject has been sued before. Contact us to learn how cost effective this preventative measure can really be.

TopCopyright Infringement
Copyright infringement is a growing problem in Hong Kong and worldwide. It takes forms in intellectual property theft, software theft, music and movie piracy, bootlegging and imitation products, etc. Investigation into these matters takes experience, chain of evidence procedures and proper documentation need to be considered to successfully bring a case to conclusion.

TopBreach of Contract
We takes pride in conducting a variety of integrity analyses of employees and business partners. For example, a property agent resigned and working for another agency within the same district in such case he breaks the agreement and causing list to his ex-employer.

Registered Address Search By Corresponding Mobile/Phone No.
The unique searches we do are guaranteed (or as we call them "no hit-no charge"). Because they are mostly based purely on our skill and ability to obtain the information which we believe in so much, we guarantee it.

Competitions have become more and more intense amongst different industries during the recent economic downturns in the territory. In order to enhance your competitiveness in the market, it is of prior importance for your esteemed company to establish partnership with a reliable search agent.
Black and White Investigation (B&W) is pleased to provide our professional investigation service to suit your needs. It is hoped that our co-operation could help you to maintain your leading position in the industry.